License Overview (FAQs)

You can purchase photographic digital scans or digital files (content) with different rights for re-production and use, depending upon what type of license you would like.

1. Standard License


  • A one-time fee 

No royalty fees.

  • Perpetual use 

No expiration date on your right to use the content.

  • Worldwide 

Content can be used anywhere in the world.

  • Unlimited 

Content can be used an unlimited number of times with any and all media.

  • Non-exclusive 

Meaning: You do not have exclusive rights to the content. I retain rights to license the content to others if desired, and to use it for prints, promotions, etc.


  • You cannot use the purchased content in “on-demand” products or products for sale to others (for example, printing on t-shirts, hats, or other items for sale).
  • You cannot use purchased content in digital templates intended for resale or distribution intended for sale.
  • You cannot use my trademark or logo without prior, written approval.
  • Other restrictions apply regarding editing, formatting, and usage (moral use) and are listed in the full license agreement.

2. Enhanced License

All of the above uses and restrictions apply except:

  • A Sole license rather than a non-exclusive license.

Meaning:  I, Christopher Brown Photography, cannot license this content to anyone else, though I am able to use the content in prints, promotions, etc. if desired. You would want to consider purchasing this license if you don’t intend to use the content you buy to resell for financial products, but at the same time, you also do not want anyone else to be able to license out the content.

3. Premium License

All of the above uses and restrictions apply except:

  • An Exclusive license rather than other licenses.

Meaning: I, Christopher Brown Photography, retain the copyright of the content, but I am not able to license the content to anyone else or use it for prints, promotions, etc.

  • You are able to use purchased content in merchandise (for sale or promotional) and in digital templates for sale.
  • You are able to use my trademark and/or logo.
  • Royalty contracts will be drawn up for the premium license.