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About me

I'm a Panama City, Florida based photographer, artist, and writer.  My aim is to produce fine and commercial work that displays the beauty of human life and human interpretation of the world.  

I started in film photography back in 2006, and continued to practice it until around 2012.  I got back into film and began digital photography in 2022, and I've enjoyed the process of branching out into creating digital shots that are refined and artistic.   I really love both experimental and formalistic analog photography as well as similar digital photographic methods.  I've practiced these methods in the areas of portrait, landscape, macro, architecture, and product photography.  

With a love for the creative process, and with an intellectual eye, I enjoy journeys that result in works displaying the poignancy and importance of human life.  If you're interested in something like that, feel free to look through my work, or book me for a session.